2007 Jan. – present   Venice Beach, CA

Own and operate Pixacast, specializing in the creation of websites, mobile apps, chat clients, brand identity, print ads, postcards, newsletters, and internet marketing plans including social
media, direct email, adwords and more.  CLICK HERE to visit
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Product Development, UI Designer

2004 March – 2006  – Malibu, CA

Created an application for telling your life story with text, images, video and music. Designed the interface, workflow, website and marketing
materials. Created investor presentations to secure funding. Keep Reading




2002 March – 2003  – Malibu, CA

Developed a revolutionary 3D software application that converted text to animation for the education and business presentation markets. Worked with engineering to develop a working prototype in less than 6 months. Keep Reading


Internet Pro Video (IPV)

Director of Business Development/UI Designer

2002 Feb. – 2003 March  – Woodland Hills, CA

IPV was a venture-funded company that developed Video Compression and Distribution Technology for delivery of video over the Internet. Responsible for analyzing market opportunities and trends and providing marketing requirements for IPV’s flexible media architecture. Keep Reading



Director of Marketing and Development

2000 Oct. – 2001 March  – Woodland Hills, CA

The former CEO of started, Voxster, a web-based VOIP & Video conferencing application that had a viral email signature call button.  Responsible for the technology strategy, development and design of the entire system. Keep Reading


Director of Product Marketing and Development

1998 – 2001  – Calabasas Hills, CA created an online community website and software for preserving and presenting your life story with text, photos, video and sound. Responsible for leading the content and
development teams to create the software and website. Keep Reading



Product Manager

1994 – 1998  – Santa Barbara, CA

MetaCreations developed a full range of imaging, web, video and 3D animation products for pros and consumers. Responsible for the
development, launch and marketing of: Kai’s Power Tools for Adobe Photoshop, Final Effects for Adobe After Effects, Life in the Universe with Stephen Hawking and KPT Actions. Keep Reading