Product Manager

1994 – 1998  – Santa Barbara, CA

MetaCreations developed a full range of imaging, web, video and 3D animation products for pros and consumers. Responsible for the
development, launch and marketing of: Kai’s Power Tools for Adobe Photoshop, Final Effects for Adobe After Effects, Life in the Universe with Stephen Hawking and KPT Actions.

  • Worked with in-house programmers, third party engineers, and QA to launch products within aggressive schedules and to meet projected quarterly revenues.
  • Developed concept for KPT Actions (accessory kit) resulting in over $500,000 revenue, plus a 30% increase in Kai’s Power Tools sales.
  • Created product definition, development schedule (Microsoft Project) and targeted feature enhancements for Kai’s Power Tools, Life in the Universe and Final Effects.
  • Conducted extensive market research using online surveys and consumer data reports.
  • Worked with QA and third party engineers to develop a product test plan for Final Effects Complete resulting in lowest amount of technical support calls of all of MetaCreations’ 25 products.
  • Supervised the budget and production of all related marketing and sales materials including the product box, ads, direct mail pieces, brochures and store materials.
  • Created and maintained product plans detailing strategies and product lifecycle strategy.
  • Managed and directed catalog, direct mail, and advertising campaign resulting in over $23 million of sales worldwide.
  • Composed sales messages such as product descriptions, taglines, competitive reviews, top ten sales points, features and benefits.
  • Created sales forecasts, pricing structure and positioning statements for 6 products.


Marketing & Post Launch

  • Increased revenues for Final Effects by 200% by creating new VAR program including special dealer prices, incentives and rebates, co-op advertising funds, lead distribution, sales CD and materials, and dedicated website and support.
  • Selected national magazines (DV, A.V. Video, Adobe Magazine, New Media, Family PC, Home PC, and Computer Life) for advertising.
  • Identified target market and lists for direct mail campaign (400,000 pieces) with a 3.72% response rate.
  • Identified and assisted engineering of special builds for OEM clients such as Macromedia, COREL, Matrox, Epson, UMAX, and Apple.
  • Identified OEM leads, sales opportunities, and relevant trade shows.
  • Assessed third party application technology resulting in OEM contract worth $800K (est.)
  • Captured 30% of host application’s market making Final Effects the leading selling application in its category.
  • Negotiated right to use motion picture character “Spawn” in Final Effects product media campaign.
  • Final Effects received DV Award of Excellence, New Media Awesome Award, AV Video Highly Recommended. Kai’s Power Tools 3 received MacWorld Editor’s Choice Award, PC Graphics & Video Highly Recommended, Byte Award of Excellence, Windows Top 100 Award and Publish 5 Stars Award.


As Public Relations Coordinator (1994 – 1995)

  • Wrote and placed press releases and reviewers’ guides for industry magazines.
  • Coordinated and demonstrated products for press tours.